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IT infrastructures in many organizations are rapidly changing, becoming increasing complex with increasing cyber attacks. Traditional approaches to Information Security management are no longer working.

It is important for organizations to create a flexible dynamic security posture adapting your security posture to your organizations goals and needs. Choosing the right and cost-effective security management, security governance structures and processes for your organization is key.  MSPStream uses a combination of industry acceptable standards and latest developments in security research to help you be innovative in your management approach. We provide a wide range of security advisory services to help dynamic organizations improve their security posture and reduce their risk.

What’s the Impact of Not Properly Securing Your Network?

  • Cost—directly affects bottom line
  • Productivity—ability to use your system Downtime is lost time and revenue
  • Liability—If you don’t take actions to prevent attacks, are you liable for damages inflicted on others?

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Network Architecture & Design

As network technologies advance, businesses and service providers are struggling to figure out how to prepare their networks for the convergence of new technologies.

In designing a networking infrastructure, we consider the following:

  • Cost effectiveness
  • Scalability and stability
  • Adaptability
  • Manageability
  • Functionality
  • Security


MSPStream’s Design Methodology:

  • Analyze requirements
  • Develop internetworking structure (Topology)
  • Define, standardize addressing and naming convention
  • Provision the hardware
  • Deploy IOS features: ACL, Qos, queuing, proxy, traffic shaping, compression etc.
  • Implement, monitor and
  • maintain the network.

MSPStream’s Campus LAN Design Considerations:

  • Client end station issues
  • Server end station issues
  • Network infrastructure issues
  • Cable, media design choices
  • Network management issues
  • Business issues
  • Data Loss Prevention & Encryption
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Web Security
  • WAN Acceleration & Application Optimization
  • Compliance with Industry Standards
  • Perimeter Security – Stateful Firewalls and Proxy servers
  • Security Mechanism Review – Event response, Monitoring, Auditing and Log analysis
  • Patch and Systems Management Solutions
  • Operating Systems Hardening – Servers, workstations, image standardization
  • Unsolicited e-mail (SPAM) control
  • Business Continuity Planning – Business impact analysis, Offsite backup, Data recovery, High availability and standby systems
  • Intrusion Prevention and Detection Solutions
  • Authentication: Network, Application, MIIS, PKI, two factor: Token/Smart card, Password policies, identity management: single sign-on, Biometrics, TACACS+, RADIUS, three factor authentication
  • Application-level Protection: for web servers and backend systems
  • Wireless Security
  • Mobile Workers: Remote Access, VPN, Quarantine, Laptop security
About MSPStream

MSPStream is a Managed IT Service Provider based in North America, we provide cutting-edge, secure, reliable and scalable Web, Internet and Security Technology solutions tailored to our customer’s needs.

As a Managed Service Provider MSPStream can act as your technology partner in determining cost-effective solutions tailored to your organization's needs.



RhemaCRM is a secure Church Relationship Management web application that helps you maintain a 360 degree view of a member in one place including members of their household, ministry participation, small group participation, requests made, contributions made and event registration history. It's everything you need to manage your growing church effectively and efficiently from anywhere!


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