1. Click on “Manager” (top left of calendar) to manage your events
    1. To edit an event, click the edit icon on the far right beside the event. Make your changes and click 'update' to save.
    2. To delete and event, click the red 'x' button on the far right beside the event
  2. ‚ÄčTo add a new event click on 'New Event'  (top left of calendar) 
    1. Enter the title, summary, content, select the category, select start and end date. If it is a recurring event, select an option under 'repeat', choose a color code for this event
    2. Click 'update' to save
  3. To edit/add Categories, click on “Manager” (top left of calendar), then click 'Categories' from the left menu
    1. Here you can manage existing categories by editing or deleting them
    2. To add a new category, enter the Name, Parent Category (if needed), and description, click 'update' to save
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