If you've ever tried to copy and paste from a third party editor (like Word), you may have noticed that everything ends up looking funky. There's a reason for this.  Word uses several hidden characters for formatting that you never see while typing or copying. But you definitely see the end result when you press save! Because of this, the Content Management software provides a tool for you to migrate your content from your editor to your website.  Check out the toolbar of your HTML/Text Editor, and you'll see a paste options button. Your choices are: 

  • Paste (same as Control + V): this will paste the contents of your clipboard to your web editor. 
  • Paste from Word: this strips out any non-essential word tags and characters.  This will leave the fonts in place.
  • Paste from Word, strip font: this is the same as Paste from Word, only now we strip the fonts as well.
  • Paste Plain Text: this means no fonts, not formats, no fluff.  Just text.
  • Paste As HTML: this pastes the content in your clipboard as HTML code.
  • Paste HTML: this will paste HTML code directly to the text editor.

We recommend using either the Paste from word, strip font or Paste as plain text.  If you strip the font, the content will adopt the font that the rest of your site uses.  This means everything still looks uniform.  If you don’t mind going back in and reading some bolds, underlines, lists, or any of that, then Paste plain text is for you.  This will make sure that just words, numbers and punctuation get pasted.

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